How To Ask For A Testimonial

One thing that I always try and mention to people trying to market their business is to use testimonials. If you have any kind of marketing materials that you either hand out or email to customers it is always a great idea to include testimonials.

If you have not gathered any testimonials from any of your current customers then here are a few ways that you may want to try to ask for them.

You can go about asking for a testimonial in an email. Make a list of some of the people who you would like to ask for a testimonial and just send them an email. In the email you can start off by saying how great it has been serving them and that you were wondering if you could ask them for a testimonial to use in your marketing materials.

People, sometimes, are not sure where to start when they are asked for a testimonial so I would also include a few questions that you may want them to answer. Some examples you may want o use are: can you list a time when our services benefited you, what has your experience been using our company and what would you say to someone thinking about using our services. Think about some of the questions potential customers may have about using your services and put those in the email for your current customers to answer.

If you have customers visiting you rather than you going to the customers a great time to ask them for a testimonial is right after you have performed a service for them. When they are getting ready to leave simply hand them a card that they can fill out and ask them to fill it in before they leave. You can leave the card blank for them or you can have some questions pre-printed on the cards for them to answer.

Another great thing you can do is reward your customers for taking the time to help you out by giving a testimonial. It is up to you how you would like to reward them. You can offer a coupon, a special gift, or something else that can benefit them. The main thing is that you want to make sure your customer knows that you are thankful for them taking the time to give you a testimonial.

Once you have some testimonials from your current customers start putting them on flyers, on postcards, in emails and your website.

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