How Direct Mail Can Help Grow Your Business.

Direct mail is better than ever! Why?

Five years ago you would go to your mailbox, open it up and there would be so many marketing pieces that they would almost spill out of your mailbox. You would take the entire stack and basically just dump it into the trash without looking at a single piece of mail. No one wins in this scenario. Fast forward to today. Now you go to your mailbox and there is hardly any direct mail in it. This is a great thing for you if you are thinking about using direct mail to market your business. Now everyone takes a second to examine every piece of mail that is in his or her mailbox. People no longer grab their pile of mail and just dump it into the trash. Since they receive fewer pieces of mail in general people go through and read almost everything in their mailbox before deciding what to do with it.

Use this to your advantage by having your company’s direct mail piece grab the viewer’s attention. If you are sending a postcard use an eye-catching image, have testimonials or use the postcard to tell a short story. If you really want to increase the odds of your direct mail piece turning a prospective customer into an actual customer try and include all 3 of those elements. On one side have an eye-catching image and then on the other have a headline and a short story that grabs the reader’s attention and lets them know why they should use you. Include quotes from current customers that can help with any objections or concerns that these potential customers may have.

One of the most important things that your direct mail piece should have, that most forget, is a reason to respond quickly. If you are offering a discount via your direct mail campaign be sure to include a deadline of when the offer ends. If you are promoting a new service offer a free gift if they respond by a certain date. You want to make sure they have a reason to respond and a reason to respond NOW.

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