How Email Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business Part 2

Now that you have tested out some subject lines for your email it’s time to figure out what the body of the email should be.

The email itself can contain anything from how you helped a customer with a certain situation, a sale or offer, or use it to promote a product or service. If you are promoting a product or service include some examples of how it can help the people you are emailing. Jeffery Gitomer says it best “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy”. Make sure you talk about how whatever it is that you are promoting can HELP them. If your product can help them free up their time talk about the things they will now be able to do with all the time you saved them. If you are saving them money let them know some things that they can now buy with the extra money they will now have.

Also, don’t ever underestimate the power of a story. You can turn anything into a story. If you are not the best storyteller them you may want to look into hiring a copywriting to help you. Stories are great because they allow people to feel like they are being informed about something rather than trying to be sold. Again, remember that the email is about how you can help the customer, not how the customer can help you. If you have some examples of actual customers that you can use to better describe how something can help potential customers then please include it in the email.

Having all of these things can help your chances of, not only, having your email be opened but also read and used to purchase something from you. Good luck and happy story telling!

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